Approved Facilitators

STT's Full Length Videos are meant to be "Tools for Facilitators" or content that catalyzes discussion rather than  independent learning.

Not all organizations have a good facilitator in-house or an existing consulting relationship. For customers who would like to add a skilled facilitator to their meeting to ensure the most nuanced discussion possible using STT’s content, we have compiled a list of experienced independent consultants with whom our team has worked in the past.

We have included links to their websites. Feel free to reach out to them directly with a description of the event for availability and pricing. Facilitator fees are determined by the facilitator and will be paid directly to the consultant.

This is by no means an all-encompassing list: it's a representative list. We will be adding names in the future. A facilitator does not have to be on this list to use our videos. If you already have an experienced facilitator, then you are all set.


Jane Abitanta    Principal, Perceval Associates

Patricia Angus    Principal, Angus Advisory Group

Phil Cubeta    Asst Prof of Philanthropy & CAP Program Chair, The American College

Hartley Goldstone    Navigating the Trustscape

Maryann Fernandez*    Co-Founder & Managing Director, Shaking the Tree

Carolyn Greenspon* Partner & Senior Consultant, Relative Solutions

Fredda Herz Brown   Founder Partner & Senior Consultant, Relative Solutions

Dennis Jaffe*   Author / Family Consulting and Education

Amy Renkert-Thomas    Principal, Renkert-Thomas Consulting

John A. Warnick   Attorney & Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute


* Member of Shaking the Tree's Advisory Board