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Shaking the Tree’s Living Case Studies are vibrant, multi-layered stories portraying a variety of challenging situations facing wealthy families and their close advisors. Each Living Case Study is expertly written, produced, and acted, enabling the viewer to immerse themselves in a compelling story showcasing issues such as trust, communication, preparing the rising generation, decision-making, fairness, and philanthropy.

Rich content from any of our Full-Length Videos can fuel multiple breakout sessions, a full day of themed discussions, or even course content that can be revisited over the several months.

For facilitators, each Full-Length Video comes with

  • Downloadable Case Notes (Playbill, Discussion Guide and other relevant materials)
  • 7 day access – to enable consultants to watch the story multiple times, dissect, identify themes that are relevant to the meeting, plan facilitation and run the meeting.
  • Optional 30 min consultation with STT team member to refine your facilitation.


Advance Access

To make your meetings as strategic as possible, allow your meeting participants to view the video in advance. “Advance Access” can be purchased in conjunction with any Full-Length Video.

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Complexity Rating: The STT team has created Living Case Studies to reflect the complex situations and relationships in families. There are some videos where it may be a bit easier to tease out the conversation than others, so we wanted to give a slight indication of that. This is a relative scale and not reflective of the possibility of prompting deep and meaningful discussion.

Rating scale: 1-4, with 1 being the least complex and 4 being the most complex.


Who should use Full Length Videos? Family wealth advisors, family business/enterprise advisors, corporate training executives, university professors/instructors,

Examples of meetings and events to use Full-Length Videos

Family clients: Virtual meetings, client family meetings, rising generation training, multi-day workshops

Advisor Training: financial advisor training, fundraising professional training, association meetings

Educational institutions: University courses, family enterprise center events

NOTE: STT’s videos are limited to non-commercial venues.


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