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Shaking the Tree’s Living Case Studies are vibrant, multi-layered stories portraying a variety of challenging situations facing wealthy families and their close advisors. Each Living Case Study is expertly written, produced, and acted, enabling the viewer to immerse themselves in a compelling story showcasing issues such as trust, communication, preparing the rising generation, decision-making, fairness, and philanthropy.

Rich content from any of our Full-Length Videos can fuel multiple breakout sessions, a full day of themed discussions, or even course content that can be revisited over the several months.

For facilitators, each Full-Length Video package comes with

  • Downloadable Case Notes (Playbill, Discussion Guide and other relevant materials)
  • 7 day access to enable consultants to watch the story multiple times, dissect, identify themes that are relevant to the meeting, plan facilitation and run the meeting.
  • Optional 30 min consultation with STT team member to refine your facilitation


Please note the following:

  • Full Length Video packages do not include a facilitator or facilitation fees.
  • Videos cannot be recorded during meetings. 



Special Access Options

Advance Access: To ensure meetings are strategic and a reasonable length, allow your meeting participants to view the video in advance. 

All-Access Annual Membership: For those who want substantive on-going access to STT’s video library to use in multiple meetings, long-term consultancies, or university courses, an All-Access Annual Membership may be the best option for you.

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Complexity Rating: The STT team has created Living Case Studies to reflect the complex situations and relationships in families. There are some videos where it may be a bit easier to tease out the conversation than others, so we wanted to give a slight indication of that. This is a relative scale and not reflective of the possibility of prompting deep and meaningful discussion.

Rating scale: 1-4, with 1 being the least complex and 4 being the most complex.


Who should use it? Family wealth advisors, family business/enterprise advisors, corporate training executives, university professors/instructors

Examples of meetings and events for Full-Length Video use:

Client Families: Virtual meetings, client family meetings, rising generation training, multi-day workshops

Advisor Training: Financial advisor training, fundraising professional training, association meetings

Educational Institutions: University courses, family enterprise center events, family business clubs

NOTE: STT’s videos are limited to non-commercial venues.


We recommend that you review our Terms of Service as you think through your organizational needs.  Click here to go to Terms of Service

Need a better sense of how it works before committing? Go to our Full Length Video store and choose a Free Preview - view an extended clip of the main video and the Playbill and consider how you might use it in your meeting.

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