Current Offers & Discounts

Our current offers and discounts are valid through December 31, 2021.

20x30 offer: 20% off standard video rental + 30 days use.

To enable you and your team to familiarize yourself with the plot and characters and to explore the themes, intricacies, and possible discussion questions, we are offering you more time to plan and prepare for your meeting. Instead of the standard 7 days, the first time you rent any video, this special offer provides you and your team a full 30 days. In addition, get 20% off the rental price.

NOTE: This is only applicable the first time you rent a particular video. For example, the first time you rent The Big Payday – you can use for 30 days; the first time you rent The Outsider, you get 30 days. 

Get this offer: Place a request through our “Contact us” page. We will reply with your coupon code.


20% off individual video rentals

Get 20% off the standard price of any individual video rental. Code can be used for multiple video rentals until offer expiration.

Get this offer: Use coupon code 20LAUNCH during checkout


20% off All-Access Annual Memberships

All-Access Annual Memberships are a great value if you plan to use Living Case Studies regularly.  Note: All-Access Annual Memberships do not include Advance Access options for your meeting participants. Advance Access is a separate fee.

Get this offer: Go to “Special Access Options” page to access the application. Annual membership and discount will be offered after brief interview.

Special Access Options

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